Stories from our people: Brian DeMichiel in Finance

Brian DeMichiel has been with Clorox for quite some time, but he believes he started down this career path well before his first day. 

“I would say it was sort of in my blood,” says Brian. “My dad worked in consumer products for years, and I grew up going to supermarkets with him. I knew I wanted to work for a company that had tangible products that impacted people’s lives.” 

When he began as an intern 23 years ago, Brian remembers it being a bit of an eye-opening experience to realize the breadth of the company’s brand portfolio. “When folks think of Clorox, they think about Clorox bleach and wipes,” he says. “They don’t necessarily think about Hidden Valley, Kingsford, Brita or Burt’s Bees.” 

Today, he plays a big part in building those beloved brands. “Innovation comes into my role every single day,” he adds. “One of our company values is that we play to win. And that means winning with consumers. And it takes a competitive spirit to deliver innovative products that better meet their needs.” 

Now vice president of finance for our Health & Hygiene group, Brian has served in many different roles along the way — one reason he’s been fulfilled by his work at Clorox for so long. “I’ve had the opportunity to work across so many different facets of our business that really put me in a position to be well-rounded and take on more senior leadership roles within the company,” he says. “And that’s something I think a lot of folks aspire to, especially as they’re starting off in their careers. They want to get a breadth of experience, and I certainly think Clorox has that to offer. That’s what it’s offered me.”