Stories from our people: Andreas Nguyen in Enterprise Data & Tech

Andreas Nguyen has worn a lot of hats during his 24-year tenure here at Clorox. Today, he’s the vice president of enterprise data strategy and operations. “My role here is to make data a frictionless value driver by scaling data governance, engineering, and predictive analytic capabilities,” he says. “My team is a part of the Enterprise Data & Tech organization, which is not traditional IT—it’s about bringing data and technology together to transform the business and better serve our consumers.”

Reaching consumers with our brands is something we all work on, and we can all see the results of that work in everyday life. “One of the unique things about Clorox is you get to work on things that, when you go to the supermarket, you can actually point to something and say, ‘I was part of the team that brought this to life,’” says Andreas.

“What stood out early on was just how collaborative people here are, how people help each other out,” he adds. “It just felt like a very supportive, collaborative place to come into work, and that really made me feel welcome.”

“I love that I get to work on a variety of challenges with ridiculously smart people from all kinds of business units and functions, from all kinds of areas of expertise.”

Andreas’ work has taken him on a tour of teams that might not have happened anywhere else. “I got my bachelor’s in chemical engineering, and that’s how I came here — I started off in R&D as a scientist,” he says. “I got lots of opportunities to learn new things, first rotating within R&D, then crossing over to consumer insights and analytics in Marketing, and now Enterprise Data and Tech. That’s the thing about Clorox—you have the opportunity to make an impact in different areas. You can take chances to try new things and progress your career in a way that makes sense for you.”