Sharing leadership insights about inclusion

By Shanique Bonelli-Moore, Chief Diversity & Social Impact Officer

As we reimagine work at Clorox, we envision being a people-centered, purpose-driven company. Inclusion is a key to making that vision a reality.

Driving an inclusive culture requires ownership by every single one of our teammates, so we’re putting muscle behind that idea by making it an enterprisewide strategic priority this fiscal year.

While it’s critical that this work filter throughout the organization, it also requires understanding and commitment from leadership. Members of the Clorox Executive Committee recently took part in a conversation on inclusive leadership to deepen their awareness of beliefs, systems and behaviors that negatively impact workplace equity; learn new approaches to create and sustain an inclusive culture; and renew their own personal commitment and ability to build inclusivity through authentic, open dialogue.

Now, they’re sharing some of the things they wish they’d understood sooner and are committed to doing moving forward. Read about their “a-ha!” moments to learn ways we can all start building a more inclusive culture and being more active allies.