Safe Water for Sara

By Andreina Febres, Safe Water Project manager

The Safe Water Project is providing Sara and other children in Northern Peru with clean water.

The Safe Water Project is helping to provide Sara and other children with clean drinking water.

The Clorox Safe Water Project has been operating in four rural communities in northern Peru for a little over a year. With the installation of community bleach dispensers and education on the importance of safe water and good health and hygiene practices, more than 50 percent of households are now treating the water they drink and use for cooking/cleaning.

This initiative has been life-changing for these communities and for our own team. ​We have opened peoples’ eyes to the problem of unsafe water and empowered them to take action. For us, we have been deeply affected by seeing first-hand the challenges these communities face and grateful for the opportunity to help make a difference.

This time, through our videos, we would like to show you what a day looks like for some of these families in the Tambogrande region who must labor to have what many of us take for granted: safe water.

Making Life Better for Sara | Mejorando la vida de Sara

Bringing Safe Water to Tambogrande | Trayendo Agua Segura a Tambogrande

Andreina Febres manages the Clorox Safe Water Project in Peru, and has been involved with Clorox since 2005 through its Hispanic media campaigns. Outside of work, Andreina is raising two boys with her husband, Rafael; teaches Zumba in the East Bay; enjoys photography; and plans trips to visit her beautiful family around the globe.