Refreshing Our Values

By Linda Rendle, CEO – The Clorox Company 

A year ago, around this time, as the pandemic spiked in the U.S., we were facing uncharted territory. Like many companies, we had to prioritize. We chose to focus on our role as a health & wellness company, lead with our values and put people at the center.

Out of all this, our company purpose became even clearer: We champion people to be well and thrive every single day. Our purpose informs our strategy, our actions, our behaviors and the commitments we make to all of our stakeholders.  

Anchored by our purpose, we were inspired to revisit our company values. Our previous values had served us well, but they didn’t reflect how we’ve evolved as a company. Or how times have changed.

So we took a closer look at our values and refreshed them to better reflect who we are today and who we aspire to be tomorrow. At the same time, we’ve kept a connection with who we’ve always been.

Do the Right Thing - Put People at the Center - Play to Win

Our new values reflect our past and our future

If you want to get a sense of a company’s culture, look at its values. For us, our values underlie how we operate and how we show up every day for each other and for those we serve.

Do the right thing is in our DNA and will always be core to who we are. Whatever a person’s experience or background, they must have integrity to succeed at Clorox. Nothing less will do. People trust us with their well-being, and that’s something we will never forget and always take to heart.

We’ve also always been a people-centered company, and the past year has provided us the privilege of showing our consumers, communities and employees what this really means. In this way, Put People at the Center also feels very familiar. But, there are ways we aspire to be better. We’re committed to playing a stronger role in supporting equality, and we will become even more focused on understanding and serving the millions of people who bring our products into their homes and workplaces.

Play to Win mirrors our aspirations and our resolve. Change is a constant, and consumer expectations continue to rise. So, we will embrace new ways of thinking, move faster, and build our resilience, remembering that we are playing to win (in the right way) for our employees, our consumers, our shareholders and our planet.

I’m excited about these new values. They reinforce our purpose, and they will help us navigate whatever opportunities and challenges come next. If they speak to you, come talk to us. We’re always looking to work with great people who want to make the world a better place.