Getting Prepared for Disaster

By Elaine Lee, Associate Marketing Manager

It may be difficult to predict when they will come or how bad they will be, but unexpected events like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires and the like are an unfortunate reality faced by many people around the world.

The Clorox brand wants to encourage people and families to be prepared in the event of an emergency. We’ve created a series of helpful infographics on topics like removing mold and mildew and food safety.

3 easy steps to help you prepare

For the past 30 years, Clorox has been a proud partner of the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, providing product and money in times of need.

The American Red Cross encourages everyone to take just three easy steps to prepare for disasters:

  • GET A KIT. Pack the following items in an easy-to-carry container: one gallon of water per person, per day; nonperishable food; flashlight and hand-crank or battery-powered radio; extra batteries; sanitation and personal hygiene items; copies of important papers; extra cash and any medical or baby supplies family members may need. See full details here.
  • MAKE A PLAN. Have all members of your household help devise your emergency plan. Consider what emergencies could happen where you live, what to do if you are separated and how you will let loved ones know you are safe. Find full details and easy-to-use plan templates here.
  • BE INFORMED. Learn what disasters are common to your area. Find out how local authorities will let you know an emergency is happening. Make sure at least one household member is trained in first aid and CPR in case help is delayed during a disaster. You can also download the Red Cross First Aid App at to have instant access on how to handle common first aid emergencies. Learn how to get fully informed about emergencies here.

Preparing with bleach

As you and your family put together your emergency preparedness kit, bleach can be a useful addition.

Organizations like the World Health Organization,Centers for Disease Control and Red Cross all recommend bleach as an essential item for disaster preparedness.

As a registered disinfecting agent, Clorox Regular Bleach can kill mold and mildew and keep your home safe for you and your family.

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