Our Refreshed Global Inclusion & Diversity Strategy   

By  Miriam Lewis, head of inclusion & diversity

Is a glass half full (take big drink!) or half empty (let’s fill it up!)? We all view the world a little (or a lot) differently.

Knowing this, we have a choice. We can let differences set us apart, or we can see them as an opportunity to come together.

I see differences as a great reason to come together. I want to get a different “set of eyes” on a situation. When I do, I make more informed and confident decisions that lead to better outcomes, professionally and personally. This is just one way that diversity provides tangible value.

A purposeful shift to Inclusion & Diversity

In support of the 2020 Strategy, Clorox has refreshed its Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) strategy. 

What we and other companies have learned is that diversity can’t thrive without inclusion.

Clorox is broadening its understanding of diversity to include attributes that can’t be seen at first glance, including ethnicity, thinking styles and experiences.

So how do we think about inclusion?

Inclusion means we foster a sense of belonging among all employees. It’s intentional. We want to recognize our similarities and our differences. When both our uniqueness and commonalities are valued and supported, then we are all free to do our best work.

With this definition in mind, Clorox is investing time and resources to continue building an inclusive environment without letting up on diversity. We desire a more diverse workplace and expect it to be an outcome of an inclusive environment.

This purposeful focus on inclusion is about our employees. It’s about enhancing the employee experience, about helping each person feel at home within the Clorox family. We want each and every employee to know they are valued, respected and supported.  A sense of belonging is the heartbeat of inclusion and applies to all employees worldwide.

Expanding our definition of diversity                   

We are also expanding how we view diversity to include attributes that can’t be seen at first glance, including ethnicity, thinking styles and experiences. 

An inclusive environment encourages respect for differences and facilitates connections, making it possible to apply diverse attributes and capabilities toward a common goal. Inclusive cultures are 45 percent more likely to improve market share, have greater discretionary effort and lower turnover. Driving inclusion is not only the right thing to do; it’s a crucial part of our strategy to drive what we call Good Growth — growth that’s profitable, sustainable and responsible.

What’s next

We want I&D to be woven through the way we operate at Clorox, from our HR policies and processes to how our business teams are formed and function. We’re therefore supporting our refreshed I&D approach with learning opportunities both formal and informal. These include:

  • Earlier this year, we launched a quarterly CEO Speaker Series, inviting leaders from a range of industries and backgrounds to come in for an informal conversation with Clorox employees and our CEO, Benno Dorer. These events showcase diverse points of view, thought leadership from outside Clorox and consumer or cultural insights.
  • Our Diversity Advisory Board will evolve into a Global Inclusion Studio. We’re taking a truly global approach to inclusion, and this diverse team will meet regularly to help us bring inclusion best practices, ideas, insights and updates to and from the different business units.
  • We are rolling out decision effectiveness training with an I&D lens to help people understand unconscious bias and how it could impact decision-making.
  • Finally, we’ve updated how we define our “Work Together to Win” value by stressing the importance of inclusion: “Success depends on productive collaboration among Clorox people and between Clorox people and our business partners. While individual ownership and contributions make a difference, inclusion is equally important to achieving great results.”

We know that all of our actions and inaction, all of our words and silence contribute to the pace at which Clorox, and anywhere else, becomes an inclusive workplace.

Let’s set a faster pace together.

Miriam Lewis, head of Inclusion & Diversity at Clorox