Nobody Likes a Bully

In September, teenager Amanda Todd posted a video on YouTube that revealed years of bullying, as well as an attempt to harm herself by using bleach. The bullying persisted and eventually led to her suicide by hanging in October. Since her death, the bullying has continued with posts and pages on Facebook that use Amanda Todd’s photo and, in many instances, images of Clorox® products.

Since Amanda’s death, Clorox employees have worked with Facebook, as well as Facebook watchdog groups, to identify and report inappropriate Amanda Todd/Clorox Facebook pages. Due to this effort, many offensive images and posts have come down.

Unfortunately, new pages and photos have continued to appear. We have had many people contact us, in some instances letting us know that these sites exist and in others asking why we can’t make Facebook ban these sites.

To be clear, we find these sites offensive, and we certainly don’t want our brand associated with such a tragedy. To a person on our team, if we could remove all the ugly, hurtful comments and images out there we would.

But we don’t have control over these pages or Facebook policies. That said, we are removing and banning any offensive content and users from the Clorox Facebook page, and we will continue to report newly posted pages and images that we believe violate Facebook’s terms of use or community standards. We also encourage you to report such pages and images directly to Facebook.

For information on how to stop bullying in your community, go to