Keep on Truckin’: 60 Seconds With Ed Nicholson

By Paul Unitas, Director of Manufacturing at The Clorox Company


Name: Ed Nicholson
Position: Maintenance Mechanic at The Clorox Company
Work Location: Forest Park, Georgia
Years with Clorox: 14

You recently made over your Ford Model T to look like an early Clorox delivery truck. How did the idea for that come about?

I was looking in Clorox’s corporate archives and I found a picture of an old Clorox delivery truck. I read the story of how Clorox was founded back in 1913. Knowing I had a 1914 Ford Model T car piqued my interest even more.

My family and I drove our 1914 Ford Model T to the Forest Park Plant’s Open House. Lots of families were there, including plant manager, Paul Unitas, and everyone saw the car. After that event, Paul and I discussed potentially adding Clorox signs to the car and what a showing that could be. That’s how the ball started rolling on converting our car.

What reaction have people had to the made-over car?

Boy, the reactions have been overwhelming! The car has been a favorite at any show or tour we’ve been on since we added the signs. Shows and tours have been attended by MANY folks, both collectors and spectators galore. And the great news is we’ve gotten nothing but great, positive reviews to date.

Have you or will you share your car’s new look outside the Clorox community?

Sharing the car’s new look outside the Clorox community has been easy to do. We’ve just returned from a six-day tour with 75 other antique cars ranging from 1908 – 1938, traveling all across the southern Georgia area. Our “Clorox truck” has been seen by more than 2,000 folks over the past few weeks. Again, nothing but great, positive comments wherever we traveled.

This isn’t your only classic car, is it?

Beside the ’14, we also own a 1931 Ford Model A Tudor.

How did you get interested in old cars?

I’ve always had a love of older vehicles, even as a teenager. Then as luck would have it, I married into the hobby of collecting original antique cars. My father-in-law has been a collector since the early 1960’s. The rest is history.

Do you work on your cars yourself?

Yes, with help from family and friends. Boy, have I learned a lot along the way!

What’s the first car you ever owned?

As a teenager, I had a 1964 Chevy pick-up truck. I restored that truck and entered it in car shows around my community. Over the years, I have owned more than 20 antique cars (1914-1931).

What do you most enjoy about restoring old cars?

Spending quality time with family and friends; meeting new people and traveling to unique place along the ‘back roads’ of America.

What made you want to channel Clorox history for your Model T?

The rich, unique history of the company and how it coincides with my personal interest of persevering past American history seemed like a perfect combination.

What do you appreciate most about working at Clorox?

Knowing that Clorox has been around for more than 100 years and has been a proven brand; an industry leader in Home Care Products and strong supporter of community and civic events has made me proud to be a member of the Clorox team.

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