Good for All: Encouraging Employee Wellness

American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite Clorox Clorox was recently recognized as a Fit-Friendly Worksite – Gold Level by the American Heart Association for promoting physical activity, nutrition and a culture of wellness. We reached out to HR’s Miriam Lewis to talk about some of the educational and physical activity programs Clorox has launched in recent years to encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

What are some of the things Clorox is doing to encourage employee to increase their fitness?

Through our employee wellness program, Clorox provides opportunities for employees to live healthier lives. By rewarding participation in various campaigns, like the Step It Up!® and Get Fit on Route 66® programs, Clorox works to make it easier for employees to add exercise to their routine. Incentives, including a fitness subsidy and reduced healthcare premiums, are used to motivate employees to place a high value on wellness. We also provide free flu shots and biometric screenings at all of our major U.S. facilities and offices to encourage employees to understand things like their BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Another key piece is our employee Wellness Champions who help promote the various wellness campaigns throughout the year.

Why is Clorox focused on employees’ fitness?

Clorox’s mission is simple – we make everyday life better, every day – and this applies to our employees as well. If, by providing programs and information, we can help employees be healthier, there’s only upside for the company. Healthier, fit employees are better able to focus on excelling at work, and given our healthcare programs are co-funded, encouraging employees to make healthier decisions can help us better manage our costs and better control the cost to employees.

What kind of responses/stories are you hearing from employees about these programs?

We hear so many success stories via our Wellness Champions. Employees tell us the program provides motivation and accountability. Others have shared stories of weight loss, fewer migraine headaches and better stress management. When employees are comfortable doing so, we’ve shared these success stories companywide, with the hope of inspiring each other to make healthier choices.


Miriam Lewis and her husband about to head out for a walk together.

Any advice for other companies as they consider implementing employee wellness programs?

Wellness is a great way to continue to invest in your No. 1 resource — employees.

What has been your role? And have you learned anything personally from Clorox’s efforts?

I joined the wellness team as the implementation lead about six months ago. I have the awesome responsibility of helping our employees live healthier lives by providing education and physical activity programs. This is one of the most fulfilling job assignments I’ve ever had. Additionally, this role has literally changed my life. My hubby and I eat healthier and exercise together on a regular basis. I’ve always been considered healthy but when I had my physical this past December, I received even better results. Clorox’s support has helped me improve my health as well as my family’s health. I’ve even created a Facebook page encouraging my friends to join me in my new lifestyle!