Glad plant and its people commemorate 30 years

By Karen Ackerman and Rachel Chambers

30 years. 360 months. 1,565 weeks. 10,958 days. 262,992 hours. 15,779,520 minutes. 

However you break it down, our Glad plant in Amherst, Virginia, has had an eventful run, marking its 30-year anniversary in November. Located at about the geographical center of the state near Lynchburg, the facility opened in 1991 as part of First Brands Corporation to manufacture Glad plastic bags and wraps. Eight years later, First Brands became part of the Clorox family.

Nine people — or, as some call them, the “originals”— witnessed it all. Read on to learn about what’s kept them at the Glad Amherst plant for all these years. 

“… the company’s stance on a safe work environment. They really do care for the people, and it’s been a great place to help me take care of my family.”

Craig Cooke, Production Manager

“… the incredible people I’ve worked with. I’ve learned a lot and have met many who care and are willing to share and help you learn. Also, the culture of safety … and it has become even better over the years.”

Jesse Johnson, Environmental Coordinator

“I’ve been coming back here for the past 30 years because of my co-workers, the PEOPLE, my teammates.”

Jeff Kidd, Production Manager

“Glad has been a great company to work for, with a great group of people, great benefits and the opportunity for advancement within the company.”

Yvonne Lewis, Safety Pillar Lead

“I … am happy I’ve been able to raise my family through Glad.”

Sean O’Neill, Technical Process Operator

“Glad has given me a chance to make a difference … and continued to challenge me.”

Gene Rose, Technical Process Operator

“It’s family oriented, and there are real good people.”

Lonnie Rose, Maintenance Mechanic

“… Safety is the highest priority and is taken to the furthest degree to ensure we all go home the same as we came to work. I also am glad to have Clorox help sponsor the charities that I support. …”

Ken Wood, Storeroom Lead

“It’s the people who smile and hold the door for you; who work hard so we can all be successful together; who like to have fun; and who take care of and lead in our community!”

Rick Woerner, Plant Engineer 2

We’re proud of the contributions made by our Amherst plant over the past 30 years — and all the incredible people behind it.