Stories from our people: Meet Erica in Marketing

Get to know Erica Jacobs, the director of brand experience and multicultural lead here at Clorox. Within
her role, she’s found ways to build connection not only with our consumers but with her local

“There are brands in the marketplace that don’t think about how to make a connection to a consumer
and nuance the work in a way that resonates,” says Erica. “My role is about creating an inclusive set of
marketing communications that reach all of our consumers, so no one walks by the TV and sees our work
and feels like it doesn’t address them or fit into their lives.”

“My current role matches my passion,” she says. “I’m really about community, people and
understanding how to make change. I am a minority and I want my presence in this company to make
change. We are evolving as people. We are evolving as people of color. But I believe that to make
change, you have to be a part of that change. And like I tell some of my colleagues, I consider myself a
mini activist in my own company. I don’t need to go march outside my building when I can affect change
inside the building. I can’t just talk about it, I have to be about it.”

“We’re not just selling products, but the products that we do sell make a difference,” Erica adds.
“Whether it’s in our food category, whether it’s in our cleaning category, whether it’s in our beauty
category, these products make a difference. The company as a whole, what I respect and admire —
particularly since I live in Oakland, where we’re based — is we have a significant footprint in the
community. There’s a lot of outreach in our local community and in our other markets. We don’t talk
about it, we don’t advertise it, we don’t need to make a big deal about it. We just do it. And doing it
makes impact.”