Atlanta-Area Clorox Employees Bring Science to Schools

By Carla Mueller & Joy Bullington

On May 3, Clorox employees helped Atlanta-area kids blow things up.

The Glad bag this Clorox employee is holding is about to explode! Jump to the bottom of this page for step-by-step instructions to do this science experiment at home.

Then we asked kids to upend thousands of beakers full of water, and finally to chase fat around a bowl of milk.

While this all may sound alarming, it was just part of STEM Day, a one-day science extravaganza where 40+ Clorox employees bring hands-on science experiments into Atlanta-area elementary and middle schools.

STEM Day began three years ago at McGarity Elementary School in Paulding County, Georgia. This year, Clorox reached more than 2,500 students at 10 schools in Forsyth, Clayton, and Paulding counties.

And passion for this event is only growing, both at schools and among Clorox employees keen to share their love of science, and our products, with students.

Take a peek at some of the fun we had showing students the crazier side of a career in science.

A Clorox employee volunteer brings hands-on science into Atlanta-area schools A Clorox employee leads Atlanta-area students in science experiments

Want to try these experiments for yourself? Here are three that are easy to do at home.

Pop Sandwich


  • Grab a Glad® sandwich bag, roll of toilet paper, white vinegar and baking soda
  • In the Glad bag, place 1 Tbsp. of baking soda wrapped in 1 square of toilet paper
  • To the Glad bag, add 4 oz. of vinegar and seal the bag quickly
  • The bag will expand quickly and, if sealed properly, may explode
Clorox employee volunteers STEM

Combining baking soda and vinegar in a Glad sandwich bag makes for some good, not-so-clean STEM fun.

Magic Milk

  • Grab some whole milk, food coloring, a cotton swab, dish soap and a bowl
  • Pour milk into the bowl and add 4 drops of food coloring to the milk
  • Dip a cotton swab in the dish soap and gently touch the top of the milk
  • Watch the colors (fat) run from the soap
Clorox STEM hands-on science project

The Magic Milk experiment

Magic Water

  • Grab a notecard and a plastic cup (make sure the mouth of the cup is smaller than the edges of the notecard)
  • Fill the plastic cup with water and place the notecard on top of the cup
  • While pressing the notecard firmly against the mouth of the cup, invert the cup
  • Let go of the notecard and see what happens