Clorox CR Awards: Planet, Product and Purpose

Below are a few of our employees’ stand-out efforts in the area of corporate responsibility for fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014). These teams were recently recognized through our Clorox CR Awards program and receive $1,000 to donate to the nonprofit of their choice.

Planet: Shrinking our environmental footprint while growing our business.
San Jose, Costa Rica Environmental Team

SanJoseLEEDIn fiscal year 2014, our San Jose, Costa Rica, manufacturing facility in San Jose, Costa Rica, earned a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED certification recognizes buildings for best-in-class practices that promote environmental sustainability. Among the many improvements aimed at reducing the building’s environmental footprint, the team installed high-efficiency lighting and wide windows to increase natural lighting, reducing electricity consumption by up to 30 percent. Additionally, the team installed rainwater recycling systems for toilets and low-consumption sinks and urinals to reduce water consumption by up to 40 percent. To encourage recycling, the team took all trash cans out of the building, and all office cleaning efforts use Green Works® products. This is the company’s first LEED certification outside of the U.S.

Product: Making responsible products, responsibly
brita packagingBrita® Pitcher Packaging Teambrita_packaging2

This past year, our Brita® team redesigned the packaging of  many Brita® pitchers to reduce waste and increase the visibility of the pitchers on store shelves. The new open carton design significantly reduces the amount of packaging material needed for each pitcher, saving approximately 160 tons of plastic, 273 tons of paper and 3.35 million gallons of water annually.

Purpose: Safeguarding family well-being
The Burt’s Bees® Greater Good Foundation Board
The Burt’s Bees® brand created The Greater Good Foundation in 2007 as a way of contributing to nonprofits and causes that serve people, our planet and social enterprise. In fiscal year 2014, the foundation’s board worked to focus donations on two distinct areas:
  • greatergoodStrategic giving that supports sustainable agriculture and community gardening projects that promote honeybee and human health.
  • Good neighbor giving, which supports nonprofits promoting people, planet and social enterprise.
As a result of this focus, the brand has been better able to promote pollinator health and encourage public awareness and action around the issue. Approximately 30 community organizations benefited from foundation giving in 2014, and key nonprofit partners were featured on the brand’s website. Every quarter, The Greater Good Foundation Board is instrumental in reviewing grant applications and engaging with local nonprofits.