Board of Directors

Our board of directors is composed of individuals who, on the basis of their knowledge and experience, make valuable contributions to the overall conduct of the business. The nominating and governance committee is responsible for developing and recommending board membership criteria to the board for approval and periodically reviewing these criteria. Board candidates, including incumbent directors, are considered based upon various criteria, including their broad-based business skills and experience in relevant areas critical to our business, prominence and reputation in their professions, global business and social perspective, concern for the long-term interests of stockholders, and personal integrity and judgment. In addition to the board and committees' conducting self evaluations on an annual basis, the nominating and governance committee reviews general qualifications and expertise of each board member on at least an annual basis.

  • Daniel Boggan

    Daniel Boggan Jr.

    Retired Senior Vice President, the National Collegiate Athletic Association

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  • Richard Carmona

    Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S.

    Vice Chairman, Canyon Ranch

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  • Benno Dorer

    Benno Dorer

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • George Harad

    George Harad

    Retired Executive Chairman of the Board of OfficeMax Inc.

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  • Donald R. Knauss

    Donald R. Knauss

    Executive Chairman

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  • Esther Lee

    Esther Lee

    Executive Vice President – Global Chief Marketing Officer, MetLife, Inc.

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  • Robert Matschullat

    Robert W. Matschullat

    Lead Director of the Company and Retired Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of The Seagram Company Ltd.

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  • Jeffrey Noddle

    Jeffrey Noddle

    Retired Executive Chairman, SuperValu, Inc.

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  • Rogelio Rebolledo

    Rogelio Rebolledo

    Retired Chairman, Pepsi Bottling Group, Mexico

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  • Pamela Thomas-Graham

    Pamela Thomas-Graham

    Chief Marketing and Talent Officer, Head of Private Banking & Wealth Management New Markets, Credit Suisse Group AG

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  • Carolyn Ticknor

    Carolyn M. Ticknor

    Retired President of Hewlett Packard Company, Imaging & Printing Systems

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Communications with Clorox Board of Directors

Stockholders and interested parties may direct communications to individual directors, including the lead director, to a board committee, to the independent directors as a group or to the Board as a whole, by addressing the communications to the named individual, to the committee, to the independent directors as a group or to the Board as a whole and sending them to The Clorox Company, c/o Secretary, 1221 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612-1888. The Secretary will review all communications so addressed and will forward to the addressee(s) all communications determined to bear substantively on the business, management or governance of the Company.