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At Clorox, we work together to ensure we're running our business with a focus on integrity and quality, guided by our core value of doing the right thing every single day. We know choices we make have a significant impact on people, our planet and our communities. That's why we're continually strengthening our commitment to Corporate Responsibility, focusing on five pillars: People, Products, Performance, Planet and Purpose.


Keep on Truckin’: 60 Seconds With Ed Nicholson

By Paul Unitas, Director of Manufacturing at The Clorox Company


Name: Ed Nicholson
Position: Maintenance Mechanic at The Clorox Company
Work Location: Forest Park, Georgia
Years with Clorox: 14

You recently made over your Ford Model T to look like an early Clorox delivery truck. How did the idea for that come about?

I was looking in Clorox’s corporate archives and I found a picture of an old Clorox delivery truck. I read the story of how Clorox was founded back in 1913. Knowing I had a 1914 Ford Model T car piqued my interest even more.

My family and I drove our 1914 Ford Model T to the Forest Park Plant’s Open House. Lots of families were there, including plant manager, Paul Unitas, and everyone saw the car. After that event, Paul and I discussed potentially adding Clorox signs to the car and what a showing that could be. That’s how the ball started rolling on converting our car. Read More …


Promoting Hand Hygiene in Guatemala with Clean the World and ACI

By Mary-Ann Warmerdam

As part of its commitment to social engagement, the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) supports the nonprofit Clean the World (CTW) in its effort to improve personal hygiene standards while recycling hotel amenities like soap. Lack of basic hygiene is a leading cause of mortality in children worldwide; CTW’s approach is an effective way to save lives through a holistic approach that integrates soap with a comprehensive water, sanitation and hygiene program. At a recent meeting with ACI (Clorox is a member company), Clorox employees contributed time to build “Hygiene kits” for CTW. Clorox’s Mary-Ann Warmerdam built the most kits and, as a reward, was invited to go on a trip to distribute the kits in Guatemala. She shared her thoughts on the experience. Read More …


Dr. Rosie Lyles Battles Healthcare Facility Infection With Knowledge

2015.4.27_RosieLyles3In July 2014, The Clorox Company welcomed Dr. Rosie D. Lyles as the new Head of Clinical Affairs for Clorox Healthcare, the division which develops cleaning products for healthcare institutions. Prior to joining Clorox, Dr. Lyles worked with the Cook County Health and Hospital Systems in Chicago, educating and training of healthcare workers on best practices to keep facilities clean; from proper hand hygiene to reducing Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in the environmental. She also wrote more than a dozen scholarly papers, many of which explain the value of clorhexidine gluconate (CHG) bathing in reducing incidents from emerging infectious pathogens on patients’ skin.

Her deep knowledge of preventing the spread of infection is more relevant than ever, now that multidrug-resistant organisms—known as MDROs or “superbugs” to “nightmare bacteria”—are being found more frequently in healthcare facilities, causing widespread concern.

We asked Dr. Lyles a few questions on her career journey, superbugs and her role at Clorox:

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Sustainability Without Compromise

By Alexis Limberakis, Director of Environmental Sustainability

Most consumers expect to make a tradeoff to be more “green,” whether they sacrifice performance, price or convenience. That’s understandable since historically, many eco-friendly products served the environment first and consumers second. Fortunately, this is changing. Here are a few recent examples of how we‘ve integrated sustainability into our products and operations to drive wins for consumers, the environment and business. Read More …


Our LeanIn.Org Partnership in Photos

By Bailey Doyle and Alice LaViolette, Business Committee Co-Chairs of Support, Heart & Opportunity for Women (SHOW), Clorox’s Employee Resource Group that was founded in 2006 and now has over 500 members worldwide. 

LeanIn1Clorox recently partnered with Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn.Org on their #LeanInTogether public awareness campaign that focuses on men and their important role in achieving gender equality. The campaign lit up social media when the campaign launched on March 5 and on Bring Your Child to Work Day on April 23rd. We snapped a few photos of Clorox employees raising awareness for the cause, and shared them on Clorox’s own social media channels, including the Kingsford® brand, to share our support. For the full gallery of photos, scroll to the bottom of this article. Read More …


Clorox Employee Earth Day Pledges Help Drive Sustainability Improvements

Earth Day PosterIn honor of Earth Day this month, Clorox employees have pledged to adopt new behaviors that save an aggregated 163,000 gallons of water, 5,000 pounds of landfill waste, 28,000 pounds of CO2 and 11,000 kilowatt-hours of energy.

“We are as committed as ever to improving Clorox’s environmental sustainability — not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it also makes good business sense,” says CEO Benno Dorer. Read More …


Proyecto Agua Segura: La perspectiva de nuestro aliado en Peru, Prisma

Read in English

Escrito por Karem Delgado, Coordinadora del Proyecto Agua Segura en Prisma.

Han pasado ya 3 años desde que CLOROX y PRISMA establecimos una alianza para trabajar juntos mejorando la calidad del agua de consumo humano en Piura, al norte de Peru. Empezamos buscando comunidades con fuentes de agua públicas, donde se podría replicar una estrategia ya probada en África. Recuerdo llegar a una de las fuentes de agua de una comunidad, donde estaban reunidos varios pobladores esperando el agua, bajar del auto,  poner los pies sobre la arena caliente,  sentir el intenso calor y ver sus rostros alegres al vernos llegar, aún cuando tendrían probablemente mucho tiempo esperando allí. Read More …


Safe Water Project: Reflections From Our NGO Partner

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To support this initiative and help raise awareness about the importance of safe water, tweet to #SafeWaterProject or #ProyectoAguaSegura by June 30th, 2015.   For each tweet, Clorox will donate $1, up to $20,000. Your tweet will provide safe water to one Peruvian for nearly four months.

By Karem Delgado, PRISMA Safe Water Project Coordinator  

Four years ago, Clorox and PRISMA established a partnership to work towards improving the quality of drinking water in Piura, Peru. What began in 2011 as an initiative serving 4,000 people, will, by July of this year, reach 25,000 individuals in some of the most rural areas of Peru. Read More …


Our 7-Year Journey Toward Sustainability

By Alexis Limberakis

2015.3.17 EPA Awards_1In February, I had the privilege to accept two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leadership Awards on Clorox’s behalf. The first was the Goal Achievement Award, recognizing our 16% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions between 2008 and 2011. The second was the Goal Setting Certificate, acknowledging our aggressive 20% greenhouse gas reduction goal between 2012 and 2020. Read More …


How EOYDC is Broadening 2,000 Young Minds: Q&A with Regina Jackson

Regina Jackson, EOYDC President and CEOSince the East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC) first opened its doors 37 years ago, The Clorox Company has partnered with the organization to strengthen the community surrounding our corporate headquarters by providing financial and volunteer support. 

We recently caught up with EOYDC President and CEO Regina Jackson, who is overseeing an $11-million renovation and expansion for the Center. The 5,000 square foot expansion will enable the EOYDC to add up to 1,000 new students to the 2,000 they currently work with.  Read More …


Partnering to Protect Health Workers From Ebola

Prepared by AmeriCares

Donated bleach from Clorox allows health workers in Sierra Leone and Liberia to prevent Ebola infection. Here, a recent shipment of Clorox is unloaded into AmeriCares warehouse in Monrovia, Liberia.Almost a full year since the largest Ebola outbreak in history began, the the epidemic’s death toll has passed 9,000. The greatest number of fatalities have occurred in Liberia and Sierra Leone; in recent weeks, there has been an increase in cases in Guinea. From the start of the crisis, AmeriCares has provided under-resourced hospitals and health facilities with the supplies they need to combat the outbreak, Read More …


Reducing Our Footprint in Colombia, One Tree at a Time

By Javier Alarcón

Colombia_groupAs part of a companywide effort to continue to drive greater sustainability and offset our environmental footprint, late last year, a group of 24 employees from Clorox Colombia visited the Predio Yanacona, a large forest protected by local environmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations, to plant 200 trees.

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‘Flexing’ With Author and Executive Coach Jane Hyun

By Yating Wong, brand manager – ecommerce

Clorox Yating WongRecently, Clorox employees and guests from a number of other companies headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area gathered to hear executive coach and global leadership strategist Jane Hyun, speak about her latest book “Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences,” which she co-authored with Audrey S. Lee.

Today’s global marketplace requires new approaches and leadership that embraces diverse worldviews, experiences and thought processes. In discussing her new book,  author Jane Hyun shared her personal story of growth, beginning with the cultural shock of moving from South Korea to New York City when she was 8 years old. In New York, she said she experienced a new diversity in people and schools of thought. “Rules had changed, but I hadn’t changed,” Jane said. “I didn’t know I had to flex to be successful.” Read More …


Good for All: Encouraging Employee Wellness

American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite Clorox Clorox was recently recognized as a Fit-Friendly Worksite – Gold Level by the American Heart Association for promoting physical activity, nutrition and a culture of wellness. We reached out to HR’s Miriam Lewis to talk about some of the educational and physical activity programs Clorox has launched in recent years to encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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Unlocking the Competitive Advantages of Diversity

Troy-DatcherIn addition to leading customer capability development and sports marketing, vice president Troy Datcher is also busy encouraging diversity awareness at Clorox and his alma mater. A former co-chair and now member of Clorox’s ABLE (African-Americans Building Leadership Excellence) employee resource group, Troy recently joined the board of trustees for Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania and serves on the development and alumni parents committees. His goal is to help the college with its recruitment, retention and reconnection with students and alumni from diverse backgrounds. Read More …