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At Clorox, we work together to ensure we're running our business with a focus on integrity and quality, guided by our core value of doing the right thing every single day. We know choices we make have a significant impact on people, our planet and our communities. That's why we're continually strengthening our commitment to Corporate Responsibility, focusing on five pillars: People, Products, Performance, Planet and Purpose.


Safe Water Project – Reflections from My First Community Visits

clx_safe _water_community_promoter

Community promoter treating the water in rural Peru.

In December, I traveled to Peru to visit the four communities that currently participate in the Clorox Safe Water Project.

Before my trip, I had seen many photos of the people who live in the villages from my colleagues’ previous trips or through our videos (Bringing Safe Water to Tambogrande and Safe Water for Sara). These videos really gave me a clear image of what their lives and their days look like. Although I was a complete stranger to them, I felt I had already met them. Read More …


Formalizing a CR Strategy Can Help Dial Up Peformance

The following is an excerpt from a chapter Kathryn Caulfield wrote for “Driving Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Leaders on Strategies for Increasing Profit and Sustainable Business.” Kathryn is vice president of Global Corporate Communications & Corporate Responsibility for Clorox. In 2013, ExecRank named Kathryn a Top Communications Executive for 2012.

Corporate responsibility has been at the core of our company since its founding in 1913; it is part of our DNA and rests on a set of core values that guide us in everything we do. The trust that has come with that is a foundation on which we have grown our business for one hundred years. At the same time, we must continue to earn trust. This became clear to us with the acquisition of Burt’s Bees natural personal care and the launch of Green Works® naturally derived cleaners. These two actions significantly increased attention on Clorox, with a particular focus on our environmental sustainability performance and reputation, and drove home for us the link between corporate responsibility and reputation, highlighting a tremendous communication opportunity.

As a first step in responding to this situation Read More …


Values Matter

Today, theguardian.com posted a poll about company values, and as I was answering the questions a few things struck me. The first two questions asked “Have corporate values gained prominence at your workplace in the last year? … In the last five years?” I answered no for each — although I didn’t think “No” reflected that our values actually are very important. I answered no because in the eight+ years I’ve been with the company, our values have always been front and center, not just in the last year or five.

And if I look at Clorox’s 100+ year history, they were alive and well long before I joined. In WWII, when the government rationed chlorine and the War Production Board urged bleach-makers to dilute their products, Clorox declined and chose to sell fewer bottles. At the same time, despite having negotiated long-term contracts at favorable rates before the war, CEO Bill Roth released suppliers from the contracts and paid market prices. Read More …


100 Percent Proud of Corporate Equality Index Score

Carolyn-Chin2This post was written by Carolyn Chin, Diversity & College project manager.

Clorox has earned another 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s 2014 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and been named one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality.”  HRC is the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices relevant to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

In 2005, Clorox participated in the CEI for the first time to benchmark our LGBT efforts. Our score was low, signaling that we needed to make some changes if we really wanted to have an all-inclusive work environment that everyone could be proud of. Read More …


Keep it Simple: Drink Up!

Elly_Spinweber_PHAThis post was written by Elly Spinweber, director of communications and marketing for Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA). The Brita® brand is supporting PHA’s efforts to encourage everyone to drink more water, more often.

You are what you drink, and when you drink water, you drink up! This message resonated throughout the Watertown (Wis.) High School Auditorium this fall, when First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Drink Up initiative, a new effort designed to encourage people across the nation to drink more water. Led by the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), Drink Up brings together more than a dozen supporters, all committed to promoting water as an easy, healthy choice that people can make every day. From tap to filtered to bottled, the message is the same: simply drink more water. Read More …


Clorox Donates $150,000 to Aid Recovery Following Philippines Typhoon

The images of the people and the homes ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan are heart-wrenching.

As our general manager in the Philippines wrote, “The aftermath is beyond words. The government has declared a state of national calamity. It is struggling to get relief goods to all affected areas, especially remote ones, as access is difficult due to blocked roads and power and communications outages. They say the death toll could reach thousands and 750,000 families are displaced. It will take months of relief and years of rebuilding. Right now the immediate needs for survival are food and water.” Read More …


Safe Water for Sara

By Andreina Febres, Safe Water Project manager

The Safe Water Project is providing Sara and other children in Northern Peru with clean water.

The Safe Water Project is helping to provide Sara and other children with clean drinking water.

The Clorox Safe Water Project has been operating in four rural communities in northern Peru for a little over a year. With the installation of community bleach dispensers and education on the importance of safe water and good health and hygiene practices, more than 50 percent of households are now treating the water they drink and use for cooking/cleaning.

This initiative has been life-changing for these communities and for our own team. ​We have opened peoples’ eyes to the problem of unsafe water and empowered them to take action. For us, we have been deeply affected by seeing first-hand the challenges these communities face and grateful for the opportunity to help make a difference.

This time, through our videos, we would like to show you what a day looks like for some of these families in the Tambogrande region who must labor to have what many of us take for granted: safe water.

Making Life Better for Sara

Bringing Safe Water to Tambogrande

Andreina Febres manages the Clorox Safe Water Project in Peru, and has been involved with Clorox since 2005 through its Hispanic media campaigns. Outside of work, Andreina is raising two boys with her husband, Rafael; teaches Zumba in the East Bay; enjoys photography; and plans trips to visit her beautiful family around the globe.


Getting People to Give: Being Ineffiently Effective

It’s the giving season here at Clorox. This week we kicked off our annual GIFT Campaign (Get Involved For Tomorrow). Employees can give to any nonprofit, and the company matches the donations up to a certain amount.

Last year, overall participation was a record-setting 57 percent. This is compared to participation rates in the 30-something percent range just a few years ago. We’ve refined and improved our communication efforts over the years, but I believe the real reason for this participation jump has been the introduction of employee “GIFT ambassadors.” Read More …


Wear Purple and Stand Up to Bullies With GLAAD


GLAAD Spirit DayToday is GLAAD Spirit Day, and we joined thousands of individuals and organizations in wearing purple to help raise awareness and encourage everyone to stand up against bullying.

Our facilities in Pleasanton, Oakland, Alpharetta, Kennesaw and Durham all showed their support with purple signs featuring The Clorox Company logo. We also encouraged employees, including our execs, to take photos with these signs and upload them to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets with the hashtags #SpiritDay and #TheCloroxCompany to show the company’s support for the LGBT community.

Read More …


Clorox 2013 Integrated Annual Report is Out!


Clorox_2013_Annual_Report-1 It’s that time of year again …our 2013 integrated annual report is now available and highlights our financial, environmental, social and governance performance. The theme is “Powerful. Purposeful. Proven,” a nod to our powerful brands, purposeful strategy and proven results.

In the last few years, it seems like we’ve been working on our annual report year-round. There’s a lot of planning that goes into it as we apply the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework as well as elements of the Integrated Reporting framework. This year, we’re particularly proud of the fact that select nonfinancial metrics have review-level assurance.

Read More …


Traveling the Globe to Help Others

Katie Keil, marketing manager for Clorox® Liquid Bleach, was interviewed for this post.

What is your volunteer work? I really enjoy construction projects. I have done several disaster relief trips (after the tsunami in Thailand and the earthquake in Haiti, for example) and have enjoyed being part of the community and making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Read More …


Clorox Helps with Colorado Flood Relief

This post was written by Deborah Napierksi, Clorox Community Relations manager.

In response to the recent record-breaking floods in Colorado, Clorox is working to provide aid to those impacted.

The Clorox Company is a proud supporter of the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, which supports immediate response and relief efforts for victims of the Colorado floods and other disasters. In addition, we are providing needed products as requested by Red Cross. We have donated one truckload of bleach and 10,000 boxes of Glad Force Flex® trash bags so far, and we will continue to monitor the situation and do what we can to help.

Individuals can text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10 from their mobile phone, or visit the Red Cross website to make a donation. For more information about the Red Cross, please visit www.redcross.org.

The American Red Cross name and emblem are used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, opinion or political position.


Safe Water Project: A Report in Photos

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In May 2013, we returned to the four villages in Peru where in 2012 we instituted our Safe Water project, with a film crew.  Our goal was to gather video footage to help us document the project in action and help us tell the story of the project’s impact on the communities. While we are working on creating some short videos, we thought we’d share some photos from this filming trip that offer a snapshot of how the Safe Water project works and why it is needed. Be sure to check back again to see the produced videos!

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Proyecto “Agua Segura” en Fotos

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En Mayo del 2013, regresamos a las cuatro comunidades de Perú, donde en el 2012 iniciamos nuestro proyecto “Agua Segura”, esta vez con un equipo de filmación. Nuestra meta era filmar escenas que nos ayudaran a presentar los avances del proyecto y el impacto en estas comunidades. Estamos trabajando en unos videos cortos, pero queremos compartir algunas fotos de este viaje para darles una idea de cómo funciona el proyecto “Agua Segura” y por qué es necesario. ¡Asegúrate de visitarnos de nuevo para que veas los videos!

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