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At Clorox, we work together to ensure we're running our business with a focus on integrity and quality, guided by our core value of doing the right thing every single day. We know choices we make have a significant impact on people, our planet and our communities. That's why we're continually strengthening our commitment to Corporate Responsibility, focusing on five pillars: People, Products, Performance, Planet and Purpose.


Our 7-Year Journey Toward Sustainability

2015.3.17 EPA Awards_1As Director of Environmental Sustainability at Clorox, Alexis Limberakis integrates sustainability improvements into Clorox’s products, packaging and supply chain. Alexis also heads the company’s Eco Network, an extended team of dedicated eco-passionate employees who volunteer their time and energy to advance our sustainability agenda. Alexis shared with us her experience leading up to the two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Climate Leadership Awards that Clorox received in February. Read More …


How EOYDC is Broadening 2,000 Young Minds: Q&A with Regina Jackson

Regina Jackson, EOYDC President and CEO

Regina Jackson, EOYDC President and CEO

Since the East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC) first opened its doors 37 years ago, The Clorox Company has partnered with the organization to strengthen the community surrounding our corporate headquarters by providing financial and volunteer support. 

We recently caught up with EOYDC President and CEO Regina Jackson, who is overseeing an $11-million renovation and expansion for the Center. The 5,000 square foot expansion will enable the EOYDC to add up to 1,000 new students to the 2,000 they currently work with. We asked Regina a few questions about the deep impact the nonprofit has made, and its most recent initiatives to improve services for the children and young adults that it currently serves from distressed urban neighborhoods.

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Partnering to Protect Health Workers From Ebola

Donated bleach from Clorox allows health workers in Sierra Leone and Liberia to prevent Ebola infection. Here, a recent shipment of Clorox is unloaded into AmeriCares warehouse in Monrovia, Liberia.

Donated bleach from Clorox allows health workers in Sierra Leone and Liberia to prevent Ebola infection. Here, a recent shipment of Clorox is unloaded into AmeriCares warehouse in Monrovia, Liberia.

Prepared by AmeriCares

Almost a full year since the largest Ebola outbreak in history began, the epidemic’s death toll has passed 9,000. The greatest number of fatalities have occurred in Liberia and Sierra Leone; in recent weeks, there has been an increase in cases in Guinea. From the start of the crisis, AmeriCares has provided under-resourced hospitals and health facilities with the supplies they need to combat the outbreak, sending 43 shipments of medicine, supplies and protective equipment to partners in the three most affected countries.

At the start of the crisis, health workers were at risk of infection as stocks were low of even the most basic protective supplies. “Local health authorities provided us with only four gowns and one box of masks,” says Raphael Frankfurter, executive director of AmeriCares local partner in Sierra Leone, Wellbody Alliance, which operates a clinic and supplies hospitals in the Ebola zone. Read More …


Reducing Our Footprint in Colombia, One Tree at a Time

By Javier Alarcón

Colombia_plantingAs part of a companywide effort to continue to drive greater sustainability and offset our environmental footprint, late last year, a group of 24 employees from Clorox Colombia visited the Predio Yanacona, a large forest protected by local environmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations, to plant 200 trees.

Since then, Clorox has sponsored or participated in the planting of more than 2,700 trees that will, over a 20-year period, offset the equivalent of 767 tons of carbon dioxide, or the annual greenhouse gas emissions from our Bogota and Cali manufacturing sites. Clorox is also sponsoring an additional 1,000 trees to be planted by the end of 2015.
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‘Flexing’ With Author and Executive Coach Jane Hyun

By Yating Wong, brand manager – ecommerce

Clorox Yating WongRecently, Clorox employees and guests from a number of other companies headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area gathered to hear executive coach and global leadership strategist Jane Hyun, speak about her latest book “Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences,” which she co-authored with Audrey S. Lee.

Today’s global marketplace requires new approaches and leadership that embraces diverse worldviews, experiences and thought processes. In discussing her new book,  author Jane Hyun shared her personal story of growth, beginning with the cultural shock of moving from South Korea to New York City when she was 8 years old. In New York, she said she experienced a new diversity in people and schools of thought. “Rules had changed, but I hadn’t changed,” Jane said. “I didn’t know I had to flex to be successful.”

Jane’s new book focuses on this idea of “flex” and developing the skill to switch between styles and approaches to better connect with those who come from a different perspective, whether it be generational, cultural or otherwise. Jane emphasized that an organization needs leaders who tap into diversity and leverage differences, siting studies that show multicultural/diverse teams with culturally competent leaders do better than single cultural teams. Jane refers to these culturally competent individuals as “fluent leaders” who can flex easily and who listen to and value different perspectives. Fluent leaders, she says, look for ways to innovate, are comfortable with ambiguity and complexity, are adaptable and possess self- and other-awareness. Read More …


Good for All: Encouraging Employee Wellness

American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite Clorox Clorox was recently recognized as a Fit-Friendly Worksite – Gold Level by the American Heart Association for promoting physical activity, nutrition and a culture of wellness. We reached out to HR’s Miriam Lewis to talk about some of the educational and physical activity programs Clorox has launched in recent years to encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

What are some of the things Clorox is doing to encourage employee to increase their fitness?

Through our employee wellness program, Clorox provides opportunities for employees to live healthier lives. By rewarding participation in various campaigns, like the Step It Up!® and Get Fit on Route 66® programs, Clorox works to make it easier for employees to add exercise to their routine. Incentives, including a fitness subsidy and reduced healthcare premiums, are used to motivate employees to place a high value on wellness. We also provide free flu shots and biometric screenings at all of our major U.S. facilities and offices to encourage employees to understand things like their BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Another key piece is our employee Wellness Champions who help promote the various wellness campaigns throughout the year.
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Unlocking the Competitive Advantages of Diversity

Troy-DatcherIn addition to leading customer capability development and sports marketing, vice president Troy Datcher is also busy encouraging diversity awareness at Clorox and his alma mater. A former co-chair and now member of Clorox’s ABLE (African-Americans Building Leadership Excellence) employee resource group, Troy recently joined the board of trustees for Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania and serves on the development and alumni parents committees. His goal is to help the college with its recruitment, retention and reconnection with students and alumni from diverse backgrounds.

Why did you decide to join the board of trustees at Gettysburg College?

I was among the earliest beneficiaries of the college’s desire to make its campus a more diverse environment. I grew up in a small town in Alabama, and when I visited Gettysburg as a high-school senior I had lunch with a dean who gave me a personal challenge. He said, “You can go anywhere else, or you can come here and make a difference.” Well, you say something like that to an 18-year-old and it’s motivating. The dean hit on something that sounded really important — I could play a central role in diversity awareness. So as a freshman in 1986, I was one of only nine African-American students out of 2,000 students on campus. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Read More …


Every Day is a Good Day to Give

Clorox employee giving program 2015

One of our biggest philanthropic programs, now in full swing, is our annual employee giving program. Through our GIFT (Get Involved For Tomorrow) Campaign, U.S. and Canada employees can donate to almost any nonprofit of their choice and the company will match those donations.

This year, Clorox has increased and simplified the match up to $2,500 for all employees. Previously, the match was $250 for most employees who participated and was tied to a number of factors. It was a complicated program to communicate and understand. This year, it’s a straight dollar-for-dollar match, whether someone gives $50 or $500 or $2,500, the company will match it. Read More …


Volunteering to Close the Digital Divide

By Mary O’Connell, senior director – PR & Digital Content

​For the second year, Clorox Marketing’s digital and social teams are helping small business owners and design students via a partnership with the Oakland Digital Arts and Literacy Center (ODALC). For small business owners in Oakland, it’s meant help with their social media planning, websites and Pinterest boards; for design students, it’s opened up career mentoring and a chance at an internship.

“We know how much digital understanding means to all us right now — from iconic brands to a small business just starting out or a student starting a career,” says Janice Bird, assistant digital planner for Clorox, who helped develop the partnership.  “If you’re starting out, Silicon Valley can seem very far away.” Read More …


8 Steps to Producing an Integrated Report

In Writer’s Guidebook, published in September 2014 by PR News, contributing authors offer perspectives on how to write effectively for various vehicles.

“21st Century Corporate Reporting: 8 Steps to Writing an Integrated Annual Report,” by Kathryn Caulfield, describes an approach to writing an integrated annual report, which is an emerging best practice in corporate reporting. Below is an abbreviated version of the complete chapter.

The corporate annual report is undergoing its biggest transformation since, well, the dawn of corporate reporting. Today’s annual report must address the drive for greater transparency, investors’ increasing demands for a comprehensive view of value creation and a broad set of stakeholders’ interests in an organization’s performance and prospects over the longer term. For the publicly traded company, the integrated annual report is rapidly emerging as the reporting approach to address this evolving trend.

An integrated report is a concise communication of how an organization’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects lead to the creation of value over the short, medium and long term. Rather than simply summarizing information from other communications, such as ­financial statements and sustainability reports, an integrated report explicitly connects ­financial performance with other factors to communicate how value is created.

Where do you begin? Like most tasks, the answer lies in taking it step by step and making progress over time. With four years of experience, we’ve learned about the strengths and weaknesses of our report from the perspectives of various stakeholders, and we’ve re­fined the process into eight steps. Read More …


Legal Fellowship Works to Keep Families Together   

Whitney_Rubenstein2By Whitney Rubenstein, Equal Justice Works Fellow

Ms. Matthews, a client of the East Bay Community Law Center, is a black, single mother of three living in Oakland public housing.  She has worked hard to create a stable life and home for her family despite often lacking resources.  However, when Ms. Matthew’s 16-year-old son was arrested, she faced an impossible decision: ban her son from the family home or keep her family intact but risk eviction and homelessness. Read More …


Trayendo Agua Segura a 25,000 Peruanos en áreas rurales

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Escrito por Andreina Febres, Gerente del Proyecto Agua Segura


En esta imagen estamos clorando el primer recipiente de 20 litros durante la inauguración del Proyecto Agua Segura en la comunidad de Nuevo Ocoto Bajo en Peru.

Estoy escribiendo este artículo mientras espero en el aeropuerto por mi siguiente conexión para regresar a casa, después de otra visita inolvidable a las comunidades a las que les ofrecemos el Proyecto Agua Segura, en el distrito de Tambogrande, en Piura, Peru. Lo que comenzó como un Proyecto Piloto hace tres años, proporcionando acceso a agua segura a 3,000 personas, ahora está por crecer. El siguiente paso es que para el 2015, el programa se le ofrecerá a un total de 25,000 peruanos que viven en zonas rurales, sin acceso a agua segura. Read More …


Bringing Safe Water to 25,000 Peruvians

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By Andreina Febres, Safe Water Project manager


Treating the first 20-liter jug during the inauguration of the Safe Water Project in Nuevo Ocoto Bajo in Peru.

I’m writing this post as I sit at the airport after another unforgettable visit to the rural communities our Safe Water Project serves in the Tambogrande District in Piura, Peru. What began as a pilot about three years ago and has since provided 3,000 individuals with access to safe water, is now taking the next step and expanding the program to serve 25,000 rural Peruvians in 2015.

We chose to expand the program after seeing just how effective and sustainable the bleach dispenser model has been. Placing the bleach dispensers next to the community water source has contributed significantly to a 60 percent adoption rate, and these three communities have reported a drop in incidents of intestinal illnesses. Read More …


Proud to Support LGBT Employees

Clorox  has earned a top rating of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2015 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). The CEI is a nationally recognized benchmarking survey and report on corporate policies and practices related to lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality in the workplace.

Since 2006, Clorox has earned a 100 percent rating on the CEI and has been named one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality. Read More …


Our Veterans, a Valued Resource of Insights

Clorox-veteran-Vartan-YeranosBy Vartan Yeranos, veteran and Clorox Creative Services project manager

With all of our deployments over the years, it seems like everyone knows someone who is in the military. One of my great friends in the National Guard did a tour in Afghanistan and another has a brother in Special Forces that was deployed three times. This connectedness has not only raised greater awareness of veterans’ service to their country, but also puts a deserved spotlight on the skills veterans bring to the corporate world. Read More …