About The Clorox Company

At Clorox, we work together to ensure we're running our business with a focus on integrity and quality, guided by our core value of doing the right thing every single day. We know choices we make have a significant impact on people, our planet and our communities. That's why we're continually strengthening our commitment to Corporate Responsibility, focusing on five pillars: People, Products, Performance, Planet and Purpose.


2014 Integrated Annual Reports Reflects 2020 Strategy

Clorox_2014_Annual_Report-cover_150Our 2014 integrated annual report  is now available and highlights our financial, environmental, social and governance performance in the context of our 2020 Strategy. This year’s theme — Powered by Value — reflects our drive to create value for our stakeholders, from consumers to customers, from stockholders to employees.

As with last year’s report, we sought review-level assurance for several nonfinancial metrics,

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Clorox Sends Bleach to Help in Ebola Fight

By Naomi Greer

Like so many others, Clorox employees have been following the news recently, eager to help with the growing public health crisis in West Africa. We have a product recommended to help prevent the spread of viruses like Ebola, but how do we get it to the people who need it thousands of miles away — and make sure they understand how to use it properly? Read More …


Passing the Smell Test: Clorox Expands Fragrance Disclosure

Catharine de LacyEarlier this month, Clorox announced its adoption of the Preferred Ingredient Calculator and expansion of its Ingredients Inside program to include specific fragrance components. To provide more insight on this announcement, we caught up with Catharine de Lacy, Clorox’s vice president of Global Stewardship, who leads our global product safety, regulatory, environmental, public health and outreach activities. Read More …


Clorox Provides Bleach to Help Fight Chikungunya Virus in the Caribbean

By Omar Arbaje, Country Manager – Dominican Republic & Caribbean
Dominican Republic Clorox bleach donation

Clorox has donated 1.6 million sachets of Clorox® bleach in the Dominican Republic to help minimize the mosquito population.

​Earlier this year, the Dominican Republic declared an outbreak of the Chikungunya virus. The virus is spread by mosquitoes, similar to the Dengue virus, and since April, the Chikungunya virus has affected more than 190,000 Dominicans.

There is no vaccine to prevent Chikungunya virus, nor is there any medicine to treat it. The painful symptoms — high fever, strong joint pain, headaches, muscle pain, nausea, swelling and rash — must run their course in each infected person.

In May 2014, our Clorox Dominican Republic (DR) team developed an alliance with the country’s Ministry of Public Health to support its public-awareness campaign, Jornada contra el Chikun (National Journey Against Chikungunya), that aims to minimize the mosquito population and eradicate the virus. Clorox has already donated more than 1.6 million sachets of bleach and committed another 1.4 million sachets.

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I Matter: My Clorox Internship Experience

J-Cogswell-3By John Cogswell

When people ask me what I do at my internship with The Clorox Company, my answer might surprise them. I’m not filing papers all day, leading projects no one else wants, or going on coffee runs. Instead, I am responsible for writing stories for the company’s intranet, quarterly newsletter and annual report. I’ve toured manufacturing facilities, attended training sessions for Clorox employees, participated in the company’s community outreach efforts and even shared a lunch with CEO Don Knauss.  Read More …


Clorox CR Awards: Planet, Product and Purpose

Below are a few of our employees’ stand-out efforts in the area of corporate responsibility for fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014). These teams were recently recognized through our Clorox CR Awards program and receive $1,000 to donate to the nonprofit of their choice.

Planet: Shrinking our environmental footprint while growing our business.
San Jose, Costa Rica Environmental Team

SanJoseLEEDIn fiscal year 2014, our San Jose, Costa Rica, manufacturing facility in San Jose, Costa Rica, earned a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.  Read More …


Eight Questions for Clorox’s Product-Sustainability Guru

Research fellow Scott Mobley spends a lot of time thinking about the safety and sustainability of Clorox’s products and packaging. A member of the Global Stewardship team, Scott uses his degree in pharmacology/toxicology, as well as his deep and varied product knowledge, to share information and best practices with fellow employees, retailers, eco advocacy groups, government regulatory agencies and fellow consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Here Scott talks about safety, sustainability and working with industry groups to find better ways to engage advocacy groups and consumers. Read More …


Celebrating Clorox LGBT Allies With Tom Johnson

TomJohnsonTom Johnson, Clorox vice president – Finance, is the president of the board of directors for Out and Equal Workplace Advocates. Here Tom shares his thoughts on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) allies and his own experience with allies.

How do you define an LGBT ally?

An ally is someone united with others to drive change in their workplace, in their families and in their communities to celebrate diversity and equality.

Why are allies important to the LGBT community? 

Despite progress in recent years, it’s still legal to fire people in 29 states simply for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. On a daily basis, LGBT people must choose between living authentically and providing for their families. Outside of the U.S., we can be jailed or killed simply for living our lives with integrity. Read More …


One Size Doesn’t Fit All When it Comes to Giving at Clorox

Given the diversity of our product portfolio, we were recently asked the following questions:

  • How do you determine which brands are aligned with a particular social or environmental cause?
  • How do you balance the causes that resonate with your employees with those that are relevant to consumers?

Here’s how we think about. Our mission as a company is to “Make everyday life better, every day.” This aspiration is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe it serves us well as we make choices regarding the causes we support.

Canisters-for-Classrooms-logo-1024x1024We have a wide range of brands – Clorox® bleach, Hidden Valley® dressings, Kingsford® charcoal, Brita® water filters, and Fresh Step® cat litter, to name a few – and selecting a single cause that resonates across our brands’ target consumers isn’t something we think will work. Instead, brands decide which causes they believe will feel authentic to their target consumers.
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Increased Transparency Has Benefits

CR-100-Best-logo-2014After we acquired the Burt’s Bees natural personal care company in 2007 and launched our Green Works naturally derived cleaners in 2008, we quickly found ourselves in the spotlight, facing intense scrutiny. Many speculated that Clorox was making a “green washing” play.

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Spearheading Clorox’s Pro Bono Initiatives: Q&A With Adam Brink

Inspired by his mother’s lifelong volunteerism, corporate counsel Adam Brink approached general counsel Laura Stein shortly after she joined Clorox in 2006 to discuss starting a pro bono program through which Clorox attorneys, paralegals and administrative personnel could volunteer their legal services to low-income residents. With the leadership of Associate General Counsel Sheldon Quan, they drafted a mission statement, established a pro bono committee and identified some initiatives.

Eight years later, roughly 75 percent of the Oakland Clorox legal team participates in pro bono activities each year and has helped countless residents with a range of legal issues. Read More …


Waste In Focus: Photo Series Digs Into America’s Trash

On average, Americans send about half their waste to landfill. Focused on spreading awareness about this eye-opening issue, our Glad® team sponsored award-winning photojournalist Peter Menzel and writer Faith D’Aluisio’s newest photo series, a project called Waste in Focus, that takes a real life, moment-in-time look at what eight families around the country are recycling, composting and sending to landfill in a recent week.

Here Faith shares some thoughts from this experience, along with some of Peter’s photos.

What surprised you most in what you saw in each family’s waste-disposal habits?
We were most surprised by the amount of prepared food that we found in people’s trash. In some cases it was Read More …


Proyecto Agua Segura – Reflexiones acerca de Mi Primera Visita a las Comunidades

clx_safe _water_community_promoterRead in English

En Diciembre viajé a Perú para visitar las cuatro comunidades que actualmente participan en el Proyecto de Agua Segura de Clorox.

Antes del viaje había visto fotos de las personas que viven en estas comunidades; fotos que mis colegas habían tomado en sus viajes o a través de nuestros videos (hacer click en videos para verlos: Mejorando la vida de Sara | Trayendo Agua Segura a Tambogrande). Estos videos me dieron una imagen muy clara de sus vidas y de sus actividades diarias para obtener agua. Si bien para ellos yo era una extraña, sentía que ya los había conocido antes. Read More …


Safe Water Project – Reflections from My First Community Visits

clx_safe _water_community_promoter

Community promoter treating the water in rural Peru.

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In December, I traveled to Peru to visit the four communities that currently participate in the Clorox Safe Water Project.

Before my trip, I had seen many photos of the people who live in the villages from my colleagues’ previous trips or through our videos (Bringing Safe Water to Tambogrande and Safe Water for Sara). These videos really gave me a clear image of what their lives and their days look like. Although I was a complete stranger to them, I felt I had already met them. Read More …