Environmental Sustainability

Driving Sustainability Through our Brands


Our commitment to environmental sustainability shows up in all parts of our business every day. Since 2008, we’ve made it a top priority to go beyond environmental compliance and begin a long-term journey to reduce the footprint of our operations, improve the sustainability of our products and packaging, and enhance the transparency and sustainability progress in our upstream supply chain, which involves ingredients and materials that go into our products and packaging.

In 2019, as part of our IGNITE strategy, we unveiled an ambitious set of new environmental goals to advance our progress in this area. These goals, known as our IGNITE ESG planet goals, build on our previous 2020 strategy and call for us to demonstrate leadership in plastic and other waste reduction and science-based climate action, as we continue to uphold our commitments to water stewardship, responsible sourcing and other material reduction innovations to reduce material, water, and transportation footprints of our products during consumer use and at the end of life.

As we advance IGNITE, we’re expanding the use of lifecycle assessments (LCAs). This includes a corporate LCA ­that informs our enterprise-wide climate stewardship strategy. The LCA also provides more insight on the unique category footprints of our businesses throughout the value chain, helping us understand where a deeper dive is needed and where efforts can best be focused to inform our future sustainability innovations and enhancements.

To accelerate our progress and drive purpose-driven growth that’s profitable, sustainable and responsible, we’ve also re-imagined how we work to drive sustainability deeper into our brands and organization. With a business-led vision for sustainability, enabled by our passionate Sustainability Center, and activated by all employees across the company, sustainability is embedded into all aspects of our business and is everyone’s responsibility.

Leveraging the broad reach of our brands, which can be found in over 90% of US households, our ambition is for every Clorox business to be a sustainable business, and to help our customers realize their ambition to live more sustainable lives.