The Clorox Company Introduces New Concentrated Bleach, Offering Improved Whitening in a Smaller, Easier-to-Use Bottle

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OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 7, 2012 - The iconic Clorox® liquid bleach jug that's been around seemingly forever is about to become a "collectible" as a more modern, slimmed down version that's easier to use makes its way into homes beginning in August this year. The Clorox Company today announced the release of concentrated Clorox® regular bleach, a more concentrated version of its namesake liquid bleach created to improve consumers' laundry and cleaning experiences.

The newer formulation of bleach will improve whitening on clothes and significantly reduce the amount of water and plastic used, ultimately helping minimize Clorox bleach's and The Clorox Company's environmental footprint.

The new bleach comes in a smaller bottle that is easier to handle, easier to pour and easier to use in high-efficiency (HE) washing machines. Most manufacturers have transitioned to HE machines, which have a smaller dispenser for bleach. To ensure people use the recommended amount to whiten and disinfect, the company decided to concentrate its product.

"Concentrated Clorox® regular bleach was created for today's consumers to meet the need for a product that fits their lifestyle," said Benno Dorer, senior vice president for the Clorox Cleaning Division. "The Clorox Company has been in business for 100 years. To be successful over such a long period of time requires respect for tradition and quality, coupled with constant innovation in product improvements to keep delighting our consumers. The new concentrated bleach is just a more modern version of the same quality product that has been around for 100 years."

The company reformulated its bleach solution to create the concentrated version, reducing the amount required for laundry use. The change reduces the typical 96-ounce bleach bottle by a third to 64 ounces. This smaller size makes it easier to pour into the small compartments typically found in HE machines.

To use the new concentrated Clorox® regular bleach to whiten and disinfect laundry:

  • Add ½ cup of concentrated Clorox® regular bleach to a standard or HE washer following the laundry use directions.
  • As with any cleaning or laundry product, it is important to read the product label before use.
  • For all other uses, check the product label.

The new concentrated Clorox® regular bleach will be available in some regions of the U.S. in August 2012, and will be available nationwide by the end of March 2013. New concentrated products will replace all regular Clorox laundry bleach products, except Clorox® Ultimate Care. To ensure consumers can easily identify it, the new bleach bottle will say "now concentrated."

Information about concentrated Clorox® regular bleach will appear in advertisements and on and Clorox's Facebook page,

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