Product Donations

We make product donations to help with disaster-relief efforts around the world and to support schools, food banks and other nonprofit organizations.

Following Hurricane Harvey, we donated cash and products to the relief effort, including more than 14,000 cases of Clorox Regular-Bleach and 6,000 cases of Glad® trash bags, through the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program. We are a proud $1 million-level member of this program.

During our 2017 fiscal year, we donated 10 truckloads of product, including over 8,600 cases of Clorox® liquid bleach and 18,700 cases of Glad® trash bags, to help communities in Louisiana recover after historic flooding. In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, we donated nine truckloads of product — over 5,400 cases of Clorox® liquid bleach and nearly 17,000 cases of Glad® trash bags — to support people in the Southeast U.S. and Haiti through partnerships with the American Red Cross and Americares. We also donated Clorox® bleach in Peru to aid survivors of floods there in early 2017. 

The fair market value of our U.S. donations alone amounted to $5.4 million in fiscal year 2017.