Product Sustainability

When we formulate and manufacture Clorox® products, we keep you and our planet in mind. We conduct environmental safety assessments to help ensure our products will be safe for the environment when used as directed. These evaluations include such things as biodegradation and bioaccumulation, and impact on septic systems, aquatic life, birds, and other wildlife. We're also constantly working on more efficient, sustainable solutions for our product packaging that include using recyclable or compostable materials.

For instance, it might surprise you to know that the lifecycle of our namesake Clorox® bleach, one of the world's most effective and inexpensive disinfectants, starts and ends with sodium chloride, common table salt. Brita® filters provide great-tasting water without the plastic waste from bottled water. New stronger Glad® trash bags are made in a way that uses five million pounds less plastic per year compared to our former trash bags. Burt's Bees® earth-friendly products have set a high bar in natural personal care. The Kingsford® Products Manufacturing Company is an industry leader in environmental controls and sustainability for charcoal manufacturing.

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Kingsford: A Leader in Responsible Charcoal Manufacturing

Kingsford Charcoal

The Kingsford Manufacturing Company has supplied consumers with high-quality charcoal products since the 1950s. Over the years, we've taken many steps to ensure we operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Today, Kingsford® charcoal is the leading U.S. charcoal brand, and we're an industry leader in environmental controls and sustainability for charcoal manufacturing.

We use state-of-the-art air-emission controls for our wood-charring operation. We also use dust collectors and equipment systems such as enclosed conveyors and storage tanks to minimize emissions.

We reuse the energy created during the wood-charring process. This energy is used in the form of heat to dry the waste wood and finished charcoal briquets, as well as to power steam generators used for other manufacturing operations. We also recycle recovered dust and briquets broken during manufacturing. Process water is contained and reused in the manufacturing operation.

Kingsford® charcoal manufacturing facilities purchase waste wood for charcoal production from area wood products businesses, thereby diverting it from the waste stream.In addition, we do extensive personnel training in environmental compliance, and have a dedicated environmental team that meets frequently to provide compliance leadership.

And environmentally conscious consumers wondering whether it's better to use charcoal or gas when grilling can feel good about using Kingsford® charcoal products. The ingredients in our charcoal briquets come primarily from renewable sources. When you use a gas grill, on the other hand, you're using nonrenewable fossil fuels that can't be replaced.

Grooved for better Grilling

The breakthrough technology of Kingsford® charcoal with SureFire Grooves® reduces the amount of raw materials necessary to make a charcoal briquet, while delivering a product performance improvement — a briquet that is ready faster and lasts longer than the original product.