By 2020, for each case of product sold, we will reduce GHG emissions, energy use, water use and waste-to-landfill by 20 percent. We have also set a goal of 10 zero-waste-to-landfill sites. And because our supply chain is such an important piece of our business, we are aiming to have our top 100 suppliers scorecarding their environmental performance.

Water Use

We are committed to reducing our water usage by 20 percent by 2020 (per case sold vs. 2011) by continuing to concentrate products and adopting more water-efficient processes across our manufacturing network. Since 2008, we have reduced our water consumption by 26 percent on an intensity basis (per case of product sold) and 20 percent on an absolute basis. Four years into our current 2020 goal period, we have reduced our water consumption by 14 percent on an intensity basis (per case of product sold vs. 2011) versus our 20% reduction goal. On an absolute basis we have reduced water use by 11 percent in this same period.

The chart below shows our year over year progress in reducing our water consumption:


Water ConservationOur water conservation efforts include a number of water recycling infrastructure and equipment upgrade initiatives, as well as changes to some of our water management practices. Most notably, our Kingsford plants in Parsons, West Virginia and Belle, Missouri both reduced their water consumption by more than 40 percent primarily through investments in water recycling infrastructure and replacing water with air compressor systems.

We've also made a number of other changes, such as replacing water-cooled compressors with air-cooled compressors and improved our filtration and recovery systems. Additionally, we also performed extensive water process mapping and conservation training at all manufacturing facilities, resulting in better plant level water practices.

Beginning in 2014, we have conducted a third party independent assurance of our water use. To learn more about our commitment to conserve water, please visit: https://www.thecloroxcompany.com/corporate-responsibility/planet/commitments/water-conservation/