Environmental stewardship is a business imperative. Environmental sustainability is embedded in our corporate strategy and the way we work. We are committed to doing our part to conserve and protect our planet now and for future generations.

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Clorox is committed to making its packaging and supporting collateral materials more sustainable while delivering high-quality products for consumers' everyday needs.

We have implemented several projects to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging and display materials, and we strive to maximize use of post-consumer recyclable content of our packaging materials.

Today, 90 percent of our U.S. product cartons are made from 100 percent recycled content and most of our U.S. retail display materials are made from 100 percent post-consumer waste. Over 85 percent of the packages that house our products are recyclable.

Through our efforts to reduce the amount of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic resin used in containers for such products as Clorox® regular bleach and Clorox® disinfecting wipes, we have cut our resin use by more than 5 million pounds per year. We also reduced Glad® trash bag packaging material an average of 45 percent over recent years, as well as introduced new stronger Glad® trash bags made with less plastic, which saves around 6.5 million pounds of plastic each year, or the equivalent of 140 million trash bags. We also now produce Fresh Step® scoopable cat litter in stand-up bags versus plastic pails, which saves more than 6 million pounds of plastic each year.

By 2020, we seek to:

  • Use only recycled or certified virgin fiber
  • Have more than 90 percent of all our products in recyclable primary packaging
  • Include clear recycling instructions on all packaging
  • Eliminate PVC in all packaging

We are among the leaders in developing standards for sustainable packaging and the use of recycled materials. Clorox is an active member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and Wal-Mart's Sustainable Value Packaging Network, and the Glad Research and Development team participates in the American Society for Testing and Materials' efforts to develop and test biodegradable plastics.

We've made good progress, and we will continue to search for innovative ways to further reduce the environmental impact of our packaging and in-store collateral materials.