Biodiversity & Habitat Conservation

We believe it’s critical to protect forest lands, wetlands, water bodies and fish populations as well as plant and animal species and the habitats that support them. Clorox’s overall impact on biodiversity is insignificant given the nature of our operations and the type of products we manufacture. Also most of our operations are not located on or near wetlands. One exception is Clorox’s Aberdeen, Maryland, plant. This facility is surrounded by natural wetlands that Clorox is committed to protecting. We’re also committed to:

  • Complying with global, federal, state, and local biodiversity legislation and regulations.
  • Going beyond legal and regulatory requirements whenever possible to ensure our manufacturing operations do not negatively impact biodiversity, natural habitats, wetlands, forest lands, fisheries, or local plant and animal species.
  • Increasing employee awareness on the issue of biodiversity through volunteerism opportunities and ongoing education.
  • Supporting biodiversity efforts beyond where we operate when we believe we can make a meaningful contribution.