Mission & Values

We make everyday life better, every day.

This is our higher purpose and what we aspire to at Clorox. We strive to understand and delight consumers with brands that enhance their lives, as well as to make a positive impact in the communities where we do business.

We have products like Glad® ForceFlex® trash bags, which makes taking out the garbage easier. And Clorox® Anywhere Hard Surface™ daily sanitizing spray, which kills 99.9 percent of bacteria found in homes to help make life healthier. Products like Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® salad dressing, with its great taste that kids love to eat with vegetables. We aim to delight consumers every time they use our brands.

We also strive to make everyday life better in the world where we do business by giving back to our communities. Whether it's contributing to disaster relief efforts through donations of Clorox® regular bleach, teaching classes at local schools or funding education, arts and culture programs, Clorox is committed to help restore, enrich and protect our communities.

Our Values

Our strong corporate values guide us in achieving widespread success and are the foundation for everything we do.

  • Do the Right Thing

    The long-term health of our company depends on our integrity. We have a tradition of honesty, fair dealing and ethical practices. We strive to use facts to determine the right thing to do, and we communicate openly about our choices.

  • Stretch for Results

    Our success is measured by our ability to consistently win in the marketplace by exceeding the expectations of our consumers, customers, shareholders and each other.

  • Take Personal Ownership

    Progress is driven by people who take personal ownership in both the results and the process to get there. Each of us plays an important role in helping to ensure we deliver excellent results and achieve our goals.

  • Work Together to Win

    Our success depends on productive collaboration among Clorox people, our business partners and our communities. While individual ownership and contributions are important, teamwork is essential to achieving even greater results.