‘Glad to Be …’ using global innovation to benefit the planet

By Joy Delis, Lindsey Frimet and Noah Fisher, Glad Marketing

With at least 8 million tons of plastic entering the world’s oceans every year — 80% of it coming from land — Glad is dedicated to doing its part to address this issue alongside communities, citizens and others.  

In the first stages of this commitment, we’re using new suppliers, partnerships and ways of thinking to deliver more sustainable product offerings without compromising on performance. We’ve also been turning to product innovation across the globe as part of the solution to benefit the planet we share.

In Australia, we’ve partnered with Oceanworks, a global marketplace for recycled ocean plastic materials and products, to create the region’s first ocean-bound plastic recycled bin liner, the Glad to be Green® 50% ocean-bound plastic recycled trash bags. The bags are made from ocean-bound plastic collected by Oceanworks from communities within 50 kilometers of shorelines that have no formal waste management. Each roll of the new bags helps stop the equivalent of two 2-liter plastic bottles from entering the ocean and gives people the opportunity to track where they have stopped plastic waste from entering the ocean by using the seven-digit number on the bin liner pack.

In the U.S., we’ve introduced Cling’N Seal 50% plant-based food wrap, currently in 150 Target stores. Using a sugarcane resin, the food wrap incorporates a more sustainable material yet performs at parity with traditional Cling’N Seal.

In Canada, we’re starting by helping divert 3 million tons of waste from landfills by 2030, and as a part of this commitment we’re introducing the Glad compostable drawstring bag, which tackles one of the main barriers preventing people from composting: the “ick” factor.

Composting is a messy and dirty task, which creates dissatisfaction with the experience and results in low participation. The drawstring feature helps to secure the bag to the bin and prevents the bag from collapsing and spilling. When full, it’s easy to pull and transport, keeping hands clean and dry.

As we work across four pillars of sustainability — programs, packaging, production and products — we’re “Glad to Be” launching innovation across the world that shows up on shelves and in homes in a way that delivers on our promise: Do more to waste less.